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Our site in all our customers are hosted at A2.com, there were three very good reasons for us doing that, and they are performance, security, and incredible support. As a big agency that gives excellent service, we can afford to be working with an unreliable ISP. Even though A2 isn’t the cheapest solution we do not care, we want the best for our customers. Since their launch in 2003, this company never stopped being better and better with each following year. Their server speed and support team are excellent, and we have virtually no complaints

General overview

Shared 3.92$-10.78$
VPS 5$ – 65.99$
Dedicated 99.59$ – 290.49$


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The right hosting plan that meets Your needs

Everyone who hosts websites says they can give you a deal that beats the rest, but they do not have the moxie to back it up, and A2 has proven themselves time and time again since they hit the net in 2003. They knew then they would have to offer more and do more for their clients to attract and keep their business which today over 97% of the customers would refer a friend or client to A2 for their Web Hosting because:

Award winning support

One of the things that make A2 so attractive to both users and developers is the support they get from the Gurus at A2’s help desk. Whether you use their ticket system, 800 number, email, knowledge base, and forums you can always find someone who can help answer a question or lend a hand if you hit a snag with bringing you website online.

With all this behind the scenes, it is no wonder that A2 won the Award for “Outstanding support for 2016 and this year looks to be even better. This is one of the key reasons you should consider signing on to A2 when you need to get your site up and going in 2017. However, there are more reasons you should be looking at A2 when it comes finding a home for your future or current e-Commerce site, and that is speed.

cPanel, which makes control of your Web Server experience User-Friendly, quick, and simple to do

A2 uses only the best to provide for the ease of your needs. When you use cPanel you have a function rich development and control. Everything you want to do in your server environment is here for you. Domain control, Email, and Apps that make everything go smoothly in your day-to-day website needs. You can do the following:

  1. Manage User Accounts
  2. Receive analytics and updates on your server
  3. Server Monitoring
  4. View resource utilization
  5. Diagnose log file problems<H3> 6. Configure automations<H3> 7. Secure your environment from attacks<H3> 8. Transfers & Backups
  6. Give your Customers the specialized service they want
  7. 500+ Plugins, Apps, and Add-Ons that customize your environment to your niche market.

A2’s use of cPanel takes you from the mundane into the superlative in Website/server control.

Speaking of which that’s our next topic. Security the one thing that can make or break your Online Business today.

Security that is Industry recognized along with helping you make your sites more secure as well

  1. A2’s Security Philosophy– Keeping your server and websites is a never-ending process. A2 works with you by providing the latest in security protocols and Virus protection. But you are a partner in this as well. So, A2 has a comprehensive Knowledgebase that keeps you in the know about what you need to do to keep web pages and accounts secure and a secure website has reduced spam and A2 even has the things to do should your website’s security is breached and so much more as listed below in 12 areas of security support that they provide in their database of information all there especially for you.
  2. SSL– A2’s articles show you how to set up SSL properly that helps boost your website’s overall security.
  3. Perpetual Security– A2 outlines their plan with their environment and protect your website from hackers, trojans, viruses malicious software.
  4. Securing a semi-managed server– On semi-managed hosting packages, you are responsible for server administration. Here is the information you require.
  5. Securing a hacked site– No security system is 100% secure. Hackers are continually improving their techniques and A2 is changing with the times. But if your website gets hacked despite your best efforts, we help you with the steps you need to do to secure your environment and help prevent future attacks.
  6. Managing SPAM– SPAM is a nuisance and can be a serious problem unless nipped in the bud along with a threat to your website. Fight spam with A2’s valuable insights.
  7. Application security– A2 lets you know whatThese articles discuss security-related issues for specific applications, such as WordPress.
  8. Choosing a strong password– Using a strong password is the key to account security and A2 shows you how to do it properly.
  9. Installing updates on your server– A2 helps those who use semi-managed products by showing you how to regularly apply updates.
  10. A2’s fail2ban program hardens your website– The fail2ban program helps protect you from DDOS attacks from Bots and scripted attacks.
  11. A2 shows you how to plug the Heartbleed problem on Semi-managed servers, What is “Heartbleed” and how to keep it from ruining your website.
  12. Understanding software vulnerabilities and protecting your account

This is the continuing thrust of A2’s security planning and these are are just some of the things they will do for you too. Now, let’s set one of the other secrets of A2′ winning solution that takes you website to the top of the SEO rankings with:

One of the fastest online Hosting Services out there, which is rated one of the Host Providers in the Cloud

The quicker a page appears on a Netizens screen, the happier they are. That is one of the unwritten laws of SEO that is not publicized too much. However, it is a fact that if you as a user or a developer cannot get good response time they both will move elsewhere to surf or move their business to a hosting service that will give the timely response they want.

A2 has laid down the cash to purchase servers that are in a speed class all unto themselves. These Turbo servers are 20 X faster than most of the servers used that other hosting companies are running today. They are continually pushing the envelope even now looking for even faster CPUs and network hardware to maintain this lead.

A2 understands that a Netizen today has a 5-second threshold and unless they get the response, they are looking for they have clicked away to the next site on their search list. A2 ensures your web pages flash across the Cloud to reach the subscriber at the upper limits to what technology can do today.

This keeps your clients happy and happy customers spend cash on your site rather than going somewhere else.

But, speed is only one facet of the winning equation that A2 has formulated. A variety of offerings is what attracts businesses to their doors in ever-larger numbers.

World-class services

Web advertising is one of the mainstays of internet business and if you cannot have a place to administrator tailor your ad campaigns you are out of the running. That is why A2’s Ad Management Hosting is tailored for those who advertising is their lifeblood. But next to that Blogs and Blog hosting is right up there and Netizens routinely turn to a blog over the big media outlets as it has been shown they are biased, petty, and manipulative of the news of the day. A blog is more focused on what people in niche areas are interested in, and this is why A2 caters to them with the various hosting plans that are economical, fast, and easy to set up. To do this A2 gives you your choice of CMS Hosting and

CRM Hosting, You have your selection of plans, and with that, you can create the type of web environment that brings customers and make the search Engines happy as well.

This brings us to what an online business wants, to make it big in the Cloud today. That, of course, being eComerce, it doesn’t matter if you are a mom and pop niche market selling blueberries or an SME that is going for broke in the 3D printing industry. You will find the servers, hosting plans, and the support that gets it all done right here on A2.

Finally, we come to the point where we talk about those of you who Social Media is the bread and butter of your existence along with forums and Infopreneurial content that you post. You can deck out your message and get it to the masses quicker than ever before. Whether for business, content and whatever else you are using Social Media for. A2 has the servers, the WordPress infrastructure, Elgg, Dolphin, and BuddyPress that runs directly off A2’s Turbo servers that make keeping your followers on social media informed about the latest news that you want them to have and know about.

This is just the beginning for A2 in 2017 as they are even now adding more to their repertoire of apps, support, and hardware for 2017.

Pros and Cons


  • A2 is partnered with carbon fund.org, a leading organization in the battle against global climate change.
  • The site is developer friendly and has many features that developers want to see and love
  • A2 has a 24 x 7, 365 days a year guru support crew
  • Their hardware platform is a is based on the high-performance SwiftServer that has lightning fast response for loading web pages to meet both client and developer’s needs
  • A 100% fully loaded backup and restore service


  • . Sometimes your “Guru” support tech will have to call in additional help on certain problems, as some of them are not fully conversant with all your support issues
  • The pricing scheme sometimes varies between clients and less you pay attention you could end up paying more than you should.
  • The platform is designed around CMS users that are based in WordPress, Joomla, ASP.NET. If you want to run just plain PHP or HTML on your website, you probably should not be using the ISP host.

These features, which set A2 apart from all the rest and show you, why, you want to go with A2?

Because they go the extra mile to make your Web Experience World Class

Ultimately you as a developer of a business entrepreneur you want the best for your Cloud presence on the web and this is what A2 does for you as they provide in addition to what we have talked about so far they go even farther to put the icing on the cake for you with:

  1. Developer Friendly Hosting
  2. Domain Registration
  3. Domain Transfer
  4. SSL Certificates
  5. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee SLAs
  6. Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  7. SwiftServers Fast Hosting

This then completes their full array of support, development, and business creation for you that puts your business in the top ranking for Internet business today.

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