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best hosting providers for 2017


It is hard to find the right web-hosting company these days. That why we’ve taken the trouble to analyze the various ones out there, and we have narrowed down the list down to 9 of the finest that because not everyone requires or even wants the same features in their Web providers.

Therefore, we have given you the choice of the 9 best, and the key feature that differentiates each from one and other that lets you further be able to get the right host provider.

Our list includes A2, Fast Comet, InterServer, Inmotion, SiteGround, GreenGeeks, Hostwinds, iPage, and Bluehost. You can now take a look at our brief comments for each, and this will enable you to pick a Web Host that fits your niche market, the features you want and are in line with your budget. So, let’s start with A2 as it heads our list of the best of what you can find out there in The Cloud today.

A2 hosting

A2 is the best in almost any category you could imagine with the best speed of any hosting company out there. Their servers are the most powerful and your web pages will load at lightning speed. They are also the best when it comes to Options and Reliability. However, in addition to that, they give the best bang for the buck though they are a bit pricey due to the excellence in all the categories we’ve mentioned. You get the best for your money with the Creme Del La Creme of web hosting providers.


While they are not as large as A2, they have the advantage of customer service that stands out amount the multitude of Host providers on the Net. Their server technology pushes the envelope of current technology. Their 7 Hosting centers are strategically situated worldwide to position your server’s home to where your target markets are centralized geographically. This gives you the edge in response times to your subscribers and customers.


When you want to balance the priorities of what you want in a web host provider, you need to look no farther than InterServer. They have managed to provide their clients with the perfect mix of the type of hosting services that are in demand, price, and the technology that can deliver it all reliably with all the help you need when you need it.


Web hosting isn’t just about the hosting services. It also requires a firm foundation to rest those services on. Your “Rock of Gibraltar” would be InMotion, where Server power is the name of the game. Because if you look at all the Host providers out there, they all offer pretty much the same services. However, what sets InMotion apart is the fact that they poured their money into their infrastructure. Their servers can take any load whether it is speed, Network backbone, and all around hardware that makes everything go.


Savoir-Faire is an indefinable attribute that SiteGround has. It offers nearly everything a top-end host provider gives their customers. But, they have something else as well. It cannot be measured or quantified. However, their customers love them for some reason. Just by looking at their online reviews, you can feel the excitement, that ordinary, as well as the upscale entrepreneurs, experience SiteGround’s hosting services.


The world is moving at breakneck speed into the 21st century. Your car will soon be driving itself, and alternative energy sources are on the rise. Going Green is the watchword at GreenGeeks, and they put their money where their mouth is. They power their Data Center from renewable energy sources and put part of their profits into the research for cleaner and safer sources of energy. So, you not only get the Web Hosting you want and need, but also get it without tearing up the environment in the process of delivering the Host Services you want.


Building relationships are what Hostwinds is all about. They make you their friend before you are a client. They treat you as if you were part of the family. They can do this because they aren’t trying to beat the competition and grow to gargantuan size in the process.
They feel the Hosting market ever growing and just by treating their clients the way they should be addressed with that personal touch. They make a profit not only monetarily, but they make people happy as well as providing for their Web hosting needs.


You need a playground that is inexpensive that lets you try out your new ideas for web business. IPage provides this by giving you a home for the bold and the daring who want to push the envelope but not risk a ton of cash in the process. iPage is the place for this along with being a home for newbie Web Entrepreneurs to get their feet wet.


You have one of the easiest systems to take charge of your web server with cPanel. True, most other Hosting Providers offer cPanel as well to their customers but Bluehost do it in probably one of the most user-friendly environments for website creation to be found on the Internet today. These enable a person who has never created a web-oriented business before to have theirs up and running in no time, and they support you every step of the way.

Final thoughts

9 is a mystical number in the Orient. Today, however, it gives you 9 different web Host providers that have unique properties that make each attractive to certain people who are looking for a home for their eCommerce sit, Blog, Direct Mail marketing, and for setting up an online business.

Each of the 9 Hosting providers we’ve talked about gives you a place to set up shop where you can get the services you want, along with the support you need, and each has something that sets them apart from each other.

This provides you with a variety in the selection of a Net Hosting company that allows you to be yourself and create that one of a kind business that lets you have the opportunity to become an online entrepreneur, Blogger, and a place to bring your products and services into public notice.

Choose the one that matches your goals and personality the most, and you begin walking down the road to financial independence running your business and taking control of your future.


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