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FastComet review


When you want a hosting solution that is fast and gives you the best in customer satisfaction FastComet is the ISP for you, they may not be as old as A2, but they have the Right Stuff and customer service that A2 can’t beat. They have some of the best marks in the industry, and they earned them in just only four years of being in the hosting business. Their key ingredient is your total satisfaction, and they give you this in many ways:

General overview

Shared 2.95$-6.95$
VPS 49.95$ – 129.95$
Dedicated 139$ – 419$


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 Web Hosting & eCommerce

FastComet has a variety of hosting solutions for you:

  1. Cloud VPS Hosting
  2. SSD-Based Cloud Servers
  3. Dedicated Servers
  4. High-Performance Solutions

Open source hosting

  1. WordPress Hosting
  2. Joomla Hosting
  3. OpenCart Hosting
  4. Social Engine Hosting


WordPress is one of their favorite hosting venues for websites, and you have the full gamut of support and tools to make it a cinch to install. You have the themes that you can implement as well as “One Click” Installation that will have your first website or your 100th up and running in just minutes.

Data Centers

Seven of the hottest places in the world for eCommerce and FastComet has data centers in all of them.

  1. Chicago, US North
  2. Dallas, US Central
  3. London, UK Europe
  4. Frankfurt, Germany, Europe
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
  6. Singapore, Asia-Pacific
  7. Tokyo, Japan, Asia


One of the most important things a webmaster is afraid of is hacking and DDoS attacks. FastComet starts at their Data Centers themselves, and they are hardened against nature and power outages. They maintain 24-hour staffing at these sites to ensure nothing happens to your server and the internet networking that keeps you from online doing business.

They have a multilayer system of security that starts with vetting all their employees to prevent things that have plagued the NSA of late, as the physical security of your proprietary data is critical to the continued operation of your web business. This is also a key component to the trust between FastComet, and their customers.

Next, is the infrastructure with the sites having UPS power and the servers themselves are backed up continually on a scheduled basis. This protects your data should you be hacked, as no security system is 100% foolproof. On top of all this is the 365 days a year 24 X 7 monitoring that takes place. Not only by automated watchdog package but also by real live breathing techs who are masters of both the hardware and software running on each and every server under their care.

Bans on certain types of content- Spam is not tolerated on any of FastComet’s servers. This is, of course, to be expected as it cuts down on bandwidth. However, Fast Comet has even taken this even further. They will not tolerate Child Porn in any form or Violence or hate mongering. Viruses, malware and script kiddy websites will be shutdown, and the owners dropped from service. The same is true for those sites that preach Racial or Religious intolerance. The FastComet people are also on the lookout for Scam and exploitation schemes as well, and they will again shut you down. This is a refreshing take on other hosting entities that operate offshore, and anything goes which brings down the credibility and the SEO rankings as well. Google’s bots ignore entire servers because of one bad apple or complaint and nowadays governments are cracking down as well. You can put your legit business website here and be in good company with other professionals and people who want quality on their websites.

Server Reliability

FastComet coppers their bets by ensuring they have the best in state of the art servers that are available. This means they are using SSD drive technology on all their servers and you not only get a 10,000 increase of speed over HDDs. But you get a geometrical expansion on the uptime of the servers themselves because mechanics are prone to heat and HDDs are the weak link in any server environment all the way back to the old days when RAID technology and mirroring servers were attempts to offset the failure rates of physical drive technology.

In addition to the drive reliability, the servers themselves are E5s, and they are some of the most efficient data machines on the planet with the current state of technology. FastComet offers their customers an SLA plan that guarantees you a 99.9% uptime that meets their current customer demands and is an industry standard that they religiously adhere to.

Speed and a unique take on how they monitor content

Bloggio gives FastComet an “A” at 93% for its PageSpeed Score. FastComet has used various caching schemes and hardware booster to increase their speed of delivery of web pages. Google PageSpeed, CDN and CloudFlare CDN Caching all combine to increase FastComet’s response time to a client’s needs. Even the already fast SSD drives are optimized more for speed as well.

All this gives you fast access for your customers. However, on top of this, they also have taken a stance about the content that is allowed on their servers which boost your SEO as well.

Support That Beats out A2

You can talk with the support people any time of the day or night. Because when a problem hits, it does not follow a schedule. You can get them on your phone, via the web with online chat, and of course through email and you opening a trouble ticket.

One of their new features lets you use your Smartphone to get in touch with them when you are on the go, and they are Johnny-on-the-spot to go to work while you cannot be near your desktop machine. You can also Top Up your account, Get real-time notifications, and manage your account as well all from your handheld anywhere in the world.

They have a staff of web design experts as well who can help you with any facet of your web development or the woes that can occur with it. The support at Fast Comet is legendary, and A2 one of the top dogs in the industry runs a poor second to the techno-mages at FastComet. They are not only are they knowledgeable, but they are fast as well. Over 93% of the problems they deal with are resolved within 10 minutes or less.

That’s including weekends, holidays, and during the wee-hours of the morning and this is why when you want to best in support for any reason you want to go with FastComet.

FastComet does not stop at just the nuts and bolts of server operation and a winning OS running each box. They also provide you outstanding App support as well as they support over 150+ different Industry Standard recognized application packages. Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting are done on open source applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and a multitude of other software that makes your website competitive in your chosen niche market.

But that’s only the beginning as FastComet is looking toward the future testing and evaluating new hardware and software that will give you, even more, capabilities as we enter a new era of Cloud Computing and even faster Internet speeds that are being used these days. Fast Comet is not the biggest Web Hosting Company out there out there. However, they are an up and coming company, and they are positioning themselves to do even more in 2017.

Pros and Cons


  • With their impressive up times and competitive speed on getting Netizens access to your sites they also excel their level of technical savvy, customer service and a staff that is friendly and care about your needs.
  • Add to the mix Data centers situated in the areas when business is happening in Europe, America, and the Pacific Rim. Your websites are ideally positioned to take advantage of market trends as they happen.
  • FastComet get top marks in the high 90s in the areas of reliability, User-friendly, support, features, and pricing.
  • Customer service is amazing, they answer straight away, if a ticket was submitted it will be answered within 15 minutes! That’s crazy! It’s like they never go to sleep
  • Hardly no downtime


  • While they have many positives to their credit and they are quick. But, they need to continue to increase their hosting speed to take the lead on the pack.
  • A2 has an advantage in this area. Another area where FastComet needs to tweak is the pricing model that FastComet is currently using.
  • While it is inexpensive, it isn’t the best when it comes to other hosting companies. Other less endowed Web Hosting firms cut corners and offer cheaper service. However, having said that FastComet is still a competitive player and has more to offer in the way of support and tutorials than many of the others. Other than that, there are virtually no negatives about this Web Hosting firm.
  • In fact, you will find that the vast majority of their customers are happy with FastComet and won’t jump ship for anything, as they are quite satisfied with the service and care they are getting there.

Final thoughts

While Fast Comet is not the top tier in web hosting, it is a far cry above the majority ISPs that are out there, and if you look at their track record, they have only been in the host business for only 4 years. So, they have made themselves into a viable host with a proven infrastructure and customer service that is second to none. They off a variety of hosting options and their prices is reasonable for their support and the many features they bring to those of you who are developers, people who have never created a website before, and they will help you move to their servers with a minimum of disruption for your online business.

They will do this in a way that will bring a smile to your face, and your bank account wouldn’t be strained in the process either.

What’s even better they are upfront with their fees, and you’ll never be hit with any hidden charges. Their policies are fair, and they deliver everything you could want in a hosting provider. They do it with an added smile and a pleasant demeanor when you are talking with someone who genuinely cares about making you Cloud experience happy and profitable as well.

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