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GreenGeeks Review


With over 16,000 thousand web-hosting providers out there you’d think there would be some variety in the features, functions or bells and whistles. In fact, if you look beneath hood you can see that all the hosting websites follow the same basic format. Price, Types of server hosting schemes, and the various combinations of hardware that makes up their various offerings.

However, we’ve found one that is different and one you should investigate if you want a web hosting ISP that gives you good service and the hosting choices you want along with a “Go Green” mentality. That’s exactly what GreenGeeks does for you. They are an Eco-friendly ISP, and they put back the energy they use 300 times by using renewable energy sources as well as by investing alternative technologies.
So let’s see what they have to offer a person who has an existing website or a newbie who is just starting out with their first one who has no experience with creating or running an online business.

General overview

Shared 3.96$
VPS 39.95$ – 159.95$
Dedicated 169$ – $439


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Web Hosting & eCommerce

GreenGeeks let their customers have unlimited Domains on one Account along with secured IMAP/POP3 E-mail Accounts.

  1. To support your enterprise you have SSD Web Space & Data Transfer that goes with a set of marketing & SEO Tools.
  2. Your Domain Name Registration or Transfer is free
  3. 24/7/365 Expert Tech Support
  4. Website Builder & Templates
  5. 99.9% Service Uptime
  6. Website Transfer Service
  7. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

All of this comes to you as standard features and with no cost to you. This makes them a very attractive alternative to other hosting services where you have to pay for everything and have to have multiple logins and passwords to let you work with your Web server.

cPanel, Site Builder, and other things that will make you happy

They have a full suite of cPanel options, and they have a FREE Site Builder called RVSitebuilder.
To go along with that for your eCommerce you have unlimited MySQL databases, POP3/IMAP, and FTP can be used to move a file to and from your server.


To say the least is that WordPress get you a website up in record time, GreenGeeks add spice icing to the cake via their Unlimited Web Space & Data Transfers, and you also get Free:

  1. 1-Click WordPress Install
  2. WordPress Migration
  3. Domain Name Registration or Transfer WordPress Optimized Servers
  4. Blazing Fast SSD RAID-10 Storage
  5. Enhanced Security
  6. 24/7/365 US-Based Support
  7. 99.9% Service Uptime
  8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This all comes straight from the horse’s mouth, and as you can see, it is an attractive offer, to say the least.


For the reseller, they have a number of solutions that allow an entrepreneur to hang out their shingle and piggyback their reseller business on top of their infrastructure. The 5-tier system lets you start your business small, and as it grows, GreenGeeks scales up along with your business’s expansion as well.


They have a 5-tier system in place that starts you at 1 Gig of ram up to 8. The SSD drive you have if graduated from 25 Gigs to 125 Gigs. Finally, you have a bandwidth that is scalable from 1,000 GB to a whopping 3,000 GB. All the servers run Quad Core CPUs, and this is more than enough power to get your website seen quickly and cleanly anywhere in the world with a click of a mouse.

Data Centers

Their Data centers are supporting over 300,000 websites at this time, and they have coverage across the US and Canada.


GreenGeeks Data Centers have tight security on all their servers and the other security arrangements to protect your investment in your online business. Each center has:

  1. Raised floors
  2. Climate control
  3. 24/7 security
  4. Fire suppression systems
  5. Water detection systems
  6. UPS & generators

This all adds up to a safe and “Green” environment that lets your business flourish and grows to however big you desire. All this protects GreenGeeks servers that use the latest generation processors from Intel along with Juniper and Cisco router hardware for network switching and routing.

Pros and Cons


  • Overview not limited number of domains when you register when you sign with green geeks the first thing you’re given has unlimited number of domains. They also offer you an unlimited number of sub-domains as well. Add to that you get a plethora of add-on and more. It doesn’t matter which plan you choose either. Everything will be unlimited. In addition, GreenGeeks also offers you unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space. So, if you want to expand your website in the future, this hosting provider will grow with you.
  • You don’t even have to pay fees when you register all you have to do is pay for your plan every month. Green geeks won’t charge you a thing for things like setup to move your website from one domain to another, which is a big plus for users who are tight on money and want to save cash.
  • GreenGeeks also offers a great WordPress hosting package that has amazing support that is perfect for the beginner or veteran. If you already have a WordPress site, the installation of a new WordPress site is a simple 1-click operation. In a few moments, your web server is up and running and from that moment on you will receive full support from their help desk, so you will not have to worry about anything after that. A significant portion of their help desk staff is trained to deal with WordPress issues.
  • But green geeks isn’t just for people that already have websites up and running they are also perfect for newbies as well. Therefore, if you’re just starting out as it would be online entrepreneur, this is a hosting provider for you. GreenGeeks has a large library of templates that you can use to create your first website with just in case you haven’t ever created a website before. You don’t need any coding skills as everything is pretty much plug-and-play. However, should you need it green geeks will help you design and implement your web strategy. That means you can be up with the website even though you know nothing about web development or design, which is a big plus when you’re just starting out. Along with that, they can help you with your SEO as well to help you gain ranking with the search engines like Google, Bing and all the rest.
  • GreenGeeks has a lot of which is to help people, organizations, and the environment. As you probably guessed from the Navy green geeks is an environmental company that saves energy and helps reduce pollution, in addition, their company is promoting recycling in their offices, and they show it on their website. GreenGeeks also donates a ton of cash to charities like food banks, the battle against cancer, and other environmental and health issues that threaten the world.


  • GreenGeeks doesn’t have 24 x 7 phone support, which can be an issue for people who need help and their only way to reach support is by telephone. This is unusual because most hosting providers have 24 x 7 phone support as a means of communicating with their help desk. However, the good news is they are available 24 x 7 via online chat so if you do have a problem you can always reach somebody as long as you have net access.
  • They do not allow you to create a mobile site because they don’t have a goal site creator. However, if you want to build a site that will be mobile friendly is not to be found with Greenpeace so it probably not a good fit for you. This is a concern that needs to be addressed as almost everyone is using a handheld on the net these days the other cell phones and tablets. This area needs to be addressed because we are now entering 27 and everybody is running all their handhelds today.
  • Another deficiency is the fact that Greenpeace does not use cPanel to manage your email. This is surprising as most host providers that use WordPress are now using cPanel to do this. However, this is a minor concern as you can always manage your email accounts the at your web-based email system.
  • GreenGeeks backs up your website(s), but it only keeps the backups for 48 hrs. This could be critical if you discover you need something from a previous incarnation of a web page.

Final thoughts

“Green” is the wave of the future and while many give it lip service to it. GreenGeeks are actively using it and supporting the various initiatives that make it a reality. The rest of their offerings make them an inexpensive way to get your eBusiness, Blog, and Email Server up and onto the net with a minimum of delay without any hassles as well.

They aren’t as big as InMotion, yet. However, they are nipping at their heels, and they are unique in their approach to giving back to the next generation of Netizens with a cleaner world.

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Very good
  • support
  • Price
  • performance
  • security
  • User Friendly
  • features

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