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Hostwinds review


Hostwinds is not a top-tier company nor does it try to be. It’s in business to help SMBs get their foot in the door for online businesses. Their servers while not large server, to creating smaller websites, the primary thrust of this company is in customer service, working with you and your budget to get you a website up and running quickly and efficiently.

General overview

Shared 4.50$-10$
VPS 7.5$ – 160$
Dedicated 100$ – 1250$


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Web Hosting

When you want to set up an online business, you’ll be happy to know that Hostwinds has a full array of web hosting services. In the hosting arena they have Shared, Business, Reseller, and White Label.

Many people have never heard of White Label Services, and it’s another name for Re-Seller hosting. Which means you can start your own hosting business, and Hostwinds gives you all the tools you need, and you have full access to their product line of Shared Hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers all branded with your logo. You have client building management using WHMCS, which is first class and recognized throughout the industry. This software allows you to create, track, and Bill your Knowledgebase simply and manage. So, if you want to get into the hosting business yourself Hostwinds starts you out right, and from there the sky’s the limit.

However, if you’re into Shared Hosting, Hostwinds specializes in unlimited web hosting, which gives you service that you don’t often see on the Internet nowadays. They offer you fast servers, and their prices are guaranteed to be the lowest that you will find on the web today. To go along with that their support staff is there for you whenever you need help and they genuinely care about making your business successful. They monitor the network, check for bottlenecks, and respond to server issues when alerted. Therefore, the bottom line is you have fast servers, no downtime, great support along with unlimited disk and ditto for bandwidth as well. Besides, they provide you with Softaculous Auto-Installs, nightly backups, unmetered bandwidth, and of course their great 24 x 7 tech support.

If you’re an online entrepreneur and require Business Web Hosting, You’ll be happy to know that Hostwinds caters to your needs by providing you with LiteSpeed Web servers unlimited disk space, 24 x 7 tech support, unlimited bandwidth, and of course nightly backups as well. So, for someone who is just starting out with their online business. You can be up and be running almost immediately, and if you have a problem, they have a Toll-Free Number, Online Trouble Ticket System, and Live Chat to handle any questions, concerns, and will walk you through the things you need to set yourself up in business as quickly as possible.

Similar to the above you get equal treatment for their standard Reseller Services. You have the same features for your hosting enterprise.

If you, want to go with VPS Hosting and they have a premium Linux package as well as a lower cost variant. You also have the option to choose SSD drives on either Windows or Linux-based servers as well. One additional item is that Hostwinds will also provide you with Minecraft VPS along with the above options. All this gives a person a separate domain of their own without having to share bandwidth or disk and be loaded down if the traffic goes high on someone else’s domain.

You get the same great support along with other amenities that are just waiting there for you under the Hostwinds’ umbrella of VPS products and services. That is low cost and gives you the most bang for the buck. Don’t think they skimp on service in these offerings, as their many happy clients sign on again and again.

What other Services do they offer?

Should you decide, you want to go with 256-bit encryption with an SSL Cert. Hostwinds has your back, and they add it on for a small additional fee. The same is also true if you want secure connectivity worldwide with VPN support as well. You can stop hackers, whether government sponsored or not from getting information from your data transfers. However, if you want to be even more secure, you can have Firewall protection with Windshield, and you can monitor how everything is going performance wise with Hostwinds’ Windspeed as well.

Moreover, when you need to send messages to all your subscribers, you can do it with 3 variants of Hostwinds’ Shoutcast service, which gets your messages out promptly that is entirely controlled by your needs and according to your schedule. This makes life, easier, and you clients will appreciate the speed in which you keep them in the loop with what’s happening with their subscription.

cPanel is there for you to control and manage your server at all times

cPanel is there to make life easier on you for setting up your server and taking care of the mundane tasks that an entrepreneur needs to be done with their server. Website management is much easier and lets you relax as you have 500+ Apps that can be used to customize your subscriber’s experience and choose the ones you want that fit your niche market.

All of this is done with the click of a mouse that lets you only have to use the Apps you need, and you can change things on the fly as your customer’s wants and requirements change. This ensures you are always current and that is the secret of Internet business success when you give your clients what they want or need before they ask and if you do this you’ll be ahead of the game and make more profit in the process as well.

Data Centers

Hostwinds has twin Data Centers in Seattle, which are classed as Tier 4 and are SAS audited. This all boils down to that they can balance the load, they are secure, and they have all the things you’d expect from such as raised flooring, HVAC, UPS, and a Halon Dump System. Physical access is controlled, and no one touches your server who has not been vetted and has passed a personal reliability screening as well.

Your data is secure from within and without. Hostwinds takes their service to their customers very seriously, and it shows when you talk with their support staff. They may not be the best in the business, but they care about their clients and their needs.

Online education to help you get the most out of your server and website(s)

Along with the feature rich environment, you also have a plethora of training materials that show you the ropes. This is especially useful if you are new to web hosting. You have a choice of a Knowledgebase as well as tutorials that can help you in setting up and running your web server. Experienced Online entrepreneurs will also find a host of information that makes entrepreneurship online easier and with the aid of the support staff you can make your site a business that will take you to being an online success in no time.

Pros and Cons


  • Availability is something that Host wins do best they close their problem tickets quickly, and there is always someone in their chat room waiting to speak to you should you need assistance. They have a wide range of plans that can fit any budget. Variety is their middle name, and they billed monthly instead of yearly like many of the other web-hosting firms. This shows their confidence in their customer base and their faith in continual renewals
  • This is also more convenient to their clients who may be operating on a shoestring budget and not have a large cash balance in the bank to be able to pay a year in fees up front. To go along with this, they supply you a number of features that include a fully decked out cPanel management system, Free Shopping Cart along with numerous other bells and whistles.


  • While their customer service is excellent, their tech support staff lacks a deep understanding of website hosting and troubleshooting. This can be frustrating for the client as it takes them longer to get hold of somebody who has the answers and can fix your problem. However, they will get the problem fixed eventually, and it is comforting to have somebody there who will listen to your problems.
  • However, they do not have a managed WordPress environment available. This is something they need to address if they want to stay competitive in the Hosting market as Clients don’t want to spend their time dealing with the minutia of running a WordPress server, as they want to focus on their niche market and leave the mundane tasks to people better qualified to deal with day-to-day operations.
  • Also, if you go with their lowest cost, hosting plan you might have some problems with the Google search engine as it has a tendency to ignore or blacklist these IP sites. This means that if you are doing direct mail campaign, you may have some problems getting your emails out the door to your potential customers.

Final Thoughts

While Hostwinds is not the Ritz Carlton of web hosting, it does have a lot going for it. Therefore, on our Hot-Host-O-Meter, we clock Hostwinds in at a good 94 on our 1-100 scale. It could with some work in their plan offerings take it even higher in the future, and we will let you know if/when they improve things and you can take a look at them again when you are in need of an inexpensive web hosting service.

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