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Illustrator CC 2015 came out at the same time along with the other CC apps, and as far as we know, it made the biggest leap forward. Adobe added the Mercury engine to it, and now mundane actions occur much faster than ever before. After all this time, finally illustrator got crash recovery, so you can work with your next vector image and not have to be afraid of a sudden crash.
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General information

Developer Adobe systems
Written in C++
Operating systems Mac OS X and windows
License needed SAAS or Proprietary
Stable release version CC 2015.2 / 30 November 2015


Whats new

Shaper tool

You can use this tool with freehand, and it will automatically transform into a sharp and geometric shape. After doing so, just manipulate the shape any way you want. You can do it by deleting, filling or combining with other forms, and get full control on design’s complexity. The tool works integrate well with the touch workspace for Windows as well as the traditional workspace.

Dynamic symbols

Dynamic symbols can share the same master shape and changes in such a way so that they will appear differently like fill, stroke, and opacity. You can alter the shape by rotating, scaling, mirroring and so forth without worrying about breaking the link to the original symbol.

Live shapes

Shapes like polygons, lines, and are now available, and there is no need to use other tools or special effects. They are dynamic, interactive, and adjustable.

Android draw app

It is now very easy to start creating beautiful designs in the Android app and transfer them to the desktop; this is how you can fully use your creativity when you are away from the computer and when you have an inspiratory idea while you are on the go.

Creative Cloud libraries

Adobe stock image libraries are now available for those who get a Creative Cloud subscription. Using the colors, images, and styles that are in these libraries you now can import them directly into Illustrator to create fantastic vector graphics and get better support for character styles.

SVG export

Exporting options just got even better; the web has matured in so have the images needed for it, and you are now able to select separate objects versus the entire artboard.

Smart guides

These guides help you with your alignment issues and spacing between objects while you move or draw them, the system will provide hands for better control and accuracy of object placement and size.

Featured image credit: Adobe

Extreamly cool!
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