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InDesign CC 2015 didn’t make any dramatic changes compared to the older version, even so, they added a new and surprising feature that will help select graphics designers. They called it “Paragraph shading,” this feature will allow the user to add solid color or gradient to items with a perfect fit to its size, and the user can easily find it in the control panel.
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General information

Developer Adobe systems
Written in C++
Operating systems Mac OS X and windows
License needed Trialware
Stable release version CC 2015.2 / 30 November 2015


Whats new?

Publish online enhancements

You can republish documents that you edited to any URL that you desire. It is also possible to use the embedded code you provided. Then the users can download the paper PDF before they printed. Adobe added some advanced features to the PDF option.

It is possible to choose the start page when putting the embedded code, that’s helpful when a user presses on a link, and then the document opens on the selected page.

Creating layouts with the touch workspace

The new touch workspace received a facelift and optimized for the Microsoft Surface Pro and like all other Windows touch devices, it’s much more intuitive than ever before, creating text boxes and other different kinds of objects is easier now. It is also possible to switch back to the familiar workspace with just a touch of a button; this will help to use all the features, and tools InDesign is offering.

Start and recent files workspace

Close all InDesign documents or open a new one, then a new Start workspace will display so you can get access to your files and libraries. your recent documents are available when you use the Recent Files workspace.

Work with glyphs more easily

You can apply different glyphs for a character and change text into true fraction right from an in-context menu. Also, searching glyphs got extended so you can search by Unicode, GID, name and character.

And much more…

Featured image credit: Adobe

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