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The firm was Founded in 1999, InterServer started with a reseller program, and from there it grew like Kudzu in Georgia, which is to say extremely fast. The focus has always been to give quality service at it affordable prices, throughout the following years they have maintained their agenda and even though technology has changed they have adapted to these changes has adopted takes to water. With each year, their technology keeps pace, and they are known for their technical acumen and their support of their clients.

General overview

Shared 5$-8$
VPS 6$ – 160$
Dedicated 39$ – 310$


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Key Features at a glance

InterServer has many features but most people appreciate their 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and along with that they offer you a Price Lock Guarantee, Free Domain Name, and 24/7 Support from their Privately Owned Data Center. The Monthly Pricing is some of the lowest in the industry.

Web Hosting & eCommerce

You come to InterServer because they have a varied selection of hosting types that include shared, VPS cloud, and dedicated server hosting They started out in 1999 with Reseller Hosting.

With that, still a primary business they have since branched out to cover a plethora of the Hosting venues, and now their Web Hosting selections offer you:

  1. An Easy-to-use control panel on their Linux servers
  2. 406+ 1-click install scripts
  3. Cloud based hosting solutions
  4. Unlimited storage and transfer capabilities
  5. Quick Servers
  6. Colocation

You can get all that and have:

  1. Reseller Hosting
  2. VPS and Cloud
  3. Dedicated Servers

Along with the above InterServer provides you with Award Winning Support at your disposal Day or Night.

OS Options Galore

InterServer caters to the type of environment that your Website runs beast under as they currently support 21 different OS environments. You will find the right combination of OS, Apps, and CRM or native servers that will suit your needs best:

Debian 7, CentOS, Ubuntu, Archlinux, Windows 2012, CERN Linux, FUNTOO, GENTOO Linux, OpenWall, AltLinux, SuSe, Open SuSe, Scientific and Fedora.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the bread and butter of hosting websites for those who want a net presence but do not have a lot of cash to spend.

The InterServer shared hosting plan is made for the budget-conscious, for a flat $5 per month along with discounts for renewals or longer-term clients they provide you with an environment that keeps your website happy and producing revenue for you. If you use the promo code WHSRPENNY and if you sign on for 3-years, the price drops to an unbelievable $3.88/mo.

With that, you sharing plan offers a many of exciting features, including:

  • One-click installs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free migration services
  • And much more

InterServer shared hosting Server Options are based on the type of environment you are planning to run you site and the capacity you require:

When you add-on a domain you can have an unlimited number at your disposal. Unfortunately, you have to pay up front for the first one. You will also need to pay extra for domain registration at $1.99/year for hosting customers. However, once it’s up you have no limits on the amount of data you can transfer. To support that, they give you as much storage capacity has your require. Also, unlike many other Hosting companies that block FTP, you can move your files to your server using it at will. In fact, you can set up FTP accounts for all you subscribers if you want as well.

To help you automate things you have Auto Script Installer In-House and you can setup custom Cron Jobs to kick off the things that need running to keep things going the way you want them to. You have full access to your Server Side as well as being able to edit the “.htaccess Overrides.”

Additional Features- You have CloudFlare as a basic feature of your environment, which can be 1 Managed WordPress Website or 20 Windows Web Hosting Websites.

Email Features

Your shared server has Email Hosting built in with no limit on the number of mail accounts you can have with full Webmail Support. That lets you forward to as many people as you want to along with an unlimited number of Auto Responders running to handle the day to day operations of keeping in touch and following up with your clients. Finally, you have a powerful anti-spam protection that keeps from wasting bandwidth and clogging the network with extraneous and unwanted mail traffic.

E-Commerce Features

Your options if you wish to go into the eCommerce arena, InterServer is there with:

  • Cube Shopping Cart
  • Zen Shopping Cart
  • OS Commerce
  • ShopSite Shopping Cart
  • Abante Shopping Cart
  • SSL Support
  • Dedicated IP Yes, add $1/year

So, you are now able to get you E-Store front online with a minimum of effort and hassles during the process.

InterServer Customer Care Policy

They have a multitude of options geared specifically to help you keep your site going, and changes are simple to implement with periodic hosting upgrades, and you can also change your account to a VPS server, Reseller account, and going to Dedicated Hosting is seamless, and you wouldn’t suffer any downtime in the process.

Server Usages and Limitations

InterServer has straightforward and definite guidelines printed in their TOS:

No single shared hosting account is permitted to use more that 20% of the server resources at a time and Single accounts are limited to 250,000 inodes at any given time. If you are one of the clients on the Unlimited SSD shared hosting servers, which are using more than 1GB of disk space, you will be moved to SATA drives, and no matter what you will get Site Backups done weekly.

Content Delivery

Unfortunately, things are a bit sparse in this arena. However, you do get instant account activation with Telephone support and Live Chat Support as well.

VPS & Cloud hosting

InterServer provides you with many solutions for VPS and Cloud Hosting, which provide the scalability their clients want and need.

  • Linux cloud VPS begins at $6 per month
  • Windows cloud VPS starts at $10 per month.

These two environments offer you a wide range of different configurations in CPU cores, Memory, Disk Storage, and Network transfer caps. You need only go to their website and select the configuration with the best mix for your next website. However, with the current expansion efforts on InterServer’s part, you can target your niche audience with VPS hubs located in Secaucus, NJ, Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, London, UK, Paris, FR, and Hong Kong, CN.

Customer’s page delay between switching to their web pages goes way down, which raise their SEO profile and Rankings with Google as well.

Dedicated Server

If you don’t want to share and have your own Dedicated Server, then InterServer has just what you want with a variety of configurations that fit your budget and you hardware requirements at $59.95 per month for an Intel Atom dedicated server. They also have additional option packages ranging from $139 – $310 per month, and you can select a platform that has the power you need:

Reseller Hosting

Still a big part of InterServer’s core business they have beefed up their offerings in a variety of tiers with a plethora of features in each. They have a 5-tier system and you go from an 80 GB server to 240 GB. You have data transfer capacity that starts at 500 Gigs and goes up to 2000 GB, and you get all the domains you want in all 5-tiers with unique IP Addresses that cost you only $1 buy.

Server Reliability

InterServer offers a 100% power uptime guarantee on colocation and a 99.9% uptime guarantee on its VPS plans.

InterServer runs its own Data Center in New Jersey and rents a facility in California. Their VPS Centers and all these Data centers are equipped with features such as UPS power, fire suppression, biometric locks, raised floors, overhead air conditioning, and HVAC.

cPanel May is right for many, But…

cPanel is the control panel of choice for most server environments today. However, InterServer knows that one size does not fit all, so they offer you a choice of three altogether:

  • cPanel
  • WHM
  • Plesk

Installation and support for scripted languages

For your development needs and keeping your websites running smoothly, InterServer provides you some of the most asked for development systems out there on the web today with:

  • B2evolution
  • Drupal
  • Fantastico/Softaculous
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Mambo
  • MediaWiki
  • WordPress
  • SSL

To go along with that, you can work with a variety of the best scripting languages out there. You customize your web pages to give them a look and feel that is unique and provides the desired Netizen experience you are shooting for. You have ASP, Django, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails. InterServer is also evaluating the latest in the newer languages, and when there are a desire and a need for them, they will expand their offerings.

Support that beats out A2 and keeps their clients renewing their contracts year after year

However, the secret to InterServer’s successes is their people who staff their help desk and support their customers. They go beyond what is require to help you get your website up, help you fix it when it’s having problems, and they provide you with a user-friendly environment that is different than anything you have experienced before. Their support staff is given awards for their outstanding support year after year by the online rating guides.

Pros and Cons


  • Enter server has a guarantee for having 99.5% uptime. Most providers lie when they say 99.99%. Something that’snot possible. However, the 99.5% that inner server claims can easily be backed up with their statistics, so they are the only one who is telling the truth. Along with that, their shared hosting, as well as their VPS accounts, set up quickly and easily.
  • They are tops in the industry for their customer service and while they are giants yet their service is driving them to new heights as they maintain a more personalized service as compared to many of the larger web hosting companies out there.
  • Along with their very high availability, they provide their customers with 24 x 7 services via phone, online chat, and a ticket call system that responds in record time.
  • When you sign up with them, you get a price lock guarantee that ensures your prices will not go up and in the future renewal is simpler and you can keep your current rates.
  • To go along with all this InterServer has 381+ applications available to you, the user and their features section. Which compares favorably with most of the high tier web hosting companies you will find in the cloud today.
  • InterServer gets high marks from various online rating companies like and others.


  • Their front panel uses cPanel however; it does not have all the bells and whistles that companies like A2 have any could do with a makeover. However, it is fully functional and gets the job done.
  • Canceling some of your services can be a bit trying at times. Because they would prefer that, you continue using them. However, the customer is always right.
  • If you are from outside the United States, you might want to go with another web hosting service as InterServer is a US based company and their primary data center is in Syracuse New Jersey and rent a second facility in California. Therefore, this is ideal for people who want to do business within the continental United States but for those of you who wish to do business with the “Global Village”; things are not there yet, to get you the speed that you want Except for VPS Hosting.
  • If you are looking for VPS, you have a better set of options, however, as we have touched upon earlier and one final negative is that the Windows Servers don’t have a control panel

Final thoughts

1999 was the year InterServer hung out their shingle Since then they have moved ahead with providing you with the best service out in the Cloud and offer you the kind of hosting you want at a price that you can afford. With all that, you have seen today. You need to look at InterServer yourself when you want to get a foothold on the web, and if the Web budget is tight on cash or you want a straightforward and easy way to set up your website fast and efficiently. If these are your goals, then InterServer is the place where you want to be right now.

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