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Learn Photoshop, web design & profitable freelancing 2017


This course will teach you Photoshop from all aspects. You will also learn how to save time by doing your work faster, and then you can put more focus on running your business and bringing in more customers. In this class, you will learn everything is that is needed to become a successful freelance designer. Prepare yourself to take command of all of Photoshop’s design techniques, then sit back, and watch your income from your freelance business grow by leaps and bounds.

Course overview

  • 21 hours of video
  • 204 lectures
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
  • Certificate of completion


Price range: 20$ – 200$

Today’s price

About the instructor

Barin Cristian Doru

He is a successful entrepreneur that owns a few online businesses, for example, a web design business, an online shop, and a studio that creates apps for Android.

Barin began working with Photoshop approximately 5 years ago and has never looked back. He has since then become a master in generating the design of a website in a quick and efficient manner. This allows him to be able to create 5 to 7 home pages a day! This is pretty impressive if you consider the fact that a homepage is being sold to customers for prices that range between $500 and $2500.

Now this professional instructor with his amazing design skills along with his wealth of experience can transfer mu the beginner into a pro in just a few weeks. In addition to this course, Barin has two additional Photoshop courses, and they are just as popular as this one.

Target audience

While this course is targeted for the beginner, if you are a pro shop designer already you can use the techniques that you learn in this class to speed up the creation of your own websites as well. In general, everyone, even those without any programming experience for web page creation can master Photoshop and start a freelance design business for themselves. This course also targets those who wish to increase their web page design productivity and raise their income as a result.

What the student say

This course garners an almost perfect five-star score from all those who take it. For the minuscule, few who don’t rate it that high are those who were already advanced Photoshop users who expected a deeper level of knowledge or those who had trouble grasping the basics of web page design. Also, the majority of the students love the way the instructor handles the course and make positive comments like, “Great course with a professional instructor who knows his stuff” and “Great instructor who teaches to the point and gives useful information.” However, the one thing they like the most is the fact that the instructor motivates them and puts them in a winning state of mind and they can see the benefits of this course as well as being able to create their first website before the courses even completed!

Our evaluation

This class is designed to make you a freelance website designer who can command top prices. The instructor claims that he will show you exactly how to make up to $4000 from just a few websites that you can create in a single day. You will receive over 165 separate lectures in 20 1/2 hours of video along with 50+ premium PSD files and other materials that you can use to enhance your skills. After we’ve looked over the materials ourselves, we have to agree that what you learn in this course will teach you more about Photoshop than you ever thought you could learn in such a short period of time. We gave the course two thumbs up and recommended highly to anyone who wants to make a go of it becoming a professional freelance web designer or adding to their are ready existing web design business the means to bring in more revenue.

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