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Modern React with Redux


This is the best course ever for learning react. JS. Students will also have an understanding of other technologies such as Babel, ES6, Webpack and most importantly REDUX! This is not just a cut-N-paste course where you become a script kiddy. You will learn the syntax along with the capabilities that this library provides. This also gives developers a chance to brush up on their abilities to write code from scratch and to help them get a deeper understanding of this kind of development work. The student will learn concepts such as JSX, state tree, eventing, props, reducers, actions and a whole lot more.

Course overview

  • 14 hours of video
  • 112 lectures
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
  • Certificate of completion


Price range: 20$ – 180$

Today’s price

About the instructor

Stephen Grider

He is one of the best teachers that you can learn react.JS from. He creates complex web applications with JS for top companies in the San Francisco area. Stephen is not just a developer; he has been teaching young software engineers how to create web pages for some years now.

Target audience

This course is not for beginners you need to be familiar with the JS environment and front- end development in order to take full advantage of this course.

What the students say

“This class is run at the perfect pace; it’s nice and slow so that everyone can get the hang of it. Stephen’s voice is mellow and easy to listen to, which is important in these days as a good speaking voice can help make your understanding much simpler.”

The course is informative, and over 35% of the students rated number one. This is high praise indeed when you take a look at the average rating on UDEMY where you find that only 10% of the students even give feedback at all. The high points of this course are in reviews are as follows: “covered everything I want and even the details of what it has happening under the hood.” Another comment states, “This course is clear and concise and explains everything in a down to earth and straightforward manner.”

Our evaluation of the course

React.JS is one of the more popular JS Libraries out there, and it is often hard to master all its intricacies. But, this course cuts through the jargon and gives you what you need to know to start coding things up right for your Front-End development work quickly and easy. So, with that, we give it two thumbs up and another two for the course materials that come with it.

So, if you have been afraid to dive into the react.JS or REDUX here is your opportunity to learn both and use them at the same time.

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