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Released on June 15, 2015, Photoshop CC 2015 is remarkable. Now, with Creative Cloud, some new features were added including Adobe’s massive library of custom images, the ability to have up to 10 layer styles, and much more.

Photoshop CC 2015 has been the most popular photo editor since its beginning, and it continues to do so with this new release.
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General Information

Developer Adobe systems
Written in C++
Operating systems Mac OS X and windows
License needed SAAS or shareware
Stable release version CC 2015.1 / 30 November 2015

New features

  1. Restoring the Sharpness to images that got blurry because the camera moved while you were taking the shot
  2. You can make details stand out with the new Smart Sharpen tool.
  3. Get full the 3-D editing experience that was only available in the extended version of the earlier release.
  4. Slicing and exporting images has become automated now.

Photoshop CC 2015 tools

Pen tool

This tool allows the user to make correct paths that you can to control using anchor points. Also included is the magnetic pen tool that attaches tightly to the outline of an object, which helps to separate it from the background.

Shape tool

The pen tool can manipulate shapes like squares, rectangles, lines, and more to create vector graphics.

Eyedropper tool

The user can use the eyedropper tool to point on top of a color and use it later for future 0bjects.

Zoom and hand tools

The zoom tool allows a user to zoom in and have a closer look and vice versa. The hand tool is very useful in moving things about on the screen in any direction simply by clicking on it and holding it.

Crop and slice tool

This tool allows the user to cut an image or change its proportion. By using this tool, the image’s composition changes and in many cases, this is very practical when you need to get rid of unwanted things along the edges. It can also be used the other way around and make images larger than their original size. The slice tool is very similar; however, in this case, it doesn’t make the picture large or small but divides the image into separate pieces.


When choosing a layer to work on, the user can use this tool to erase part of the sheet they are working on without damaging other parts of the image. The eraser has different shapes and ways of working in the picture like a paintbrush or the pencil tool. Unless it’s the background layer you are working with, the eraser will take the pixel it is erasing and change it transparent to the background color.

Color replacement tool

This tool helps the user change the color he is working with without altering the shadows and highlights. That is very useful when you want to have a color flow. Also, this is collaborating with the designer import rules.

And so much more…

Featured image credit: “Photoshop” by Pauline Kletti, license under CC BY-ND 4.0

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