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User Experience Design Fundamentals


This is by far the best UX fundamental course that you can find online today! You’ll be learning how to understand and analyze what the user wants in order to help you not only design but understand the marketing involved in selling web services. There is a fabulous explanation of color theory and typography within this course. You will learn about usability and readability that are introduced and explain simply and concisely. The course also shows you how to build a specification document for a project, and it will expand the student’s abilities to perform this function when starting a project by seeing the whole picture and making better design decisions.

Course overview

  • 11 hours of video
  • 59 lectures
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
  • Certificate of completion


Price range: 20$ – 95$

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About the instructor

Joe Natoli

He has been working in the industry for 25 years now and specializes in UX/UI, making apps, websites, and writing software. The methods you’ll learn in his course are proven and implementable in the workplace with little or no modifications.

Joe is a specialist in UX (User Experience) and HFD (Human Factors Engineering), which makes him the perfect professional when it comes to designing for a customer’s needs. He tends to say that book learning is not always right and he teaches some ways of deciding when the book should be ignored. He is professional and has the experience to back this up which explains best how it was also an instructor for designers from many of the Fortune 100 companies as well as government agencies as well.

Target audience

This course is a mainly two different kinds of designers, but also developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs can use as well as implement the methods that are taught in this course.

What the students say

The consensus of all the students who take in this class is that this is the best UX course out there on the web today. The students are all excited about sharing their thoughts because they are glad that they got what they paid for. One student named Justin commented, “Great Conceptual Understanding Coupled with Practical Knowledge” and it looks like many of the other students from the class agree with him. About Joe, another person stated, “He is a UX phenomena.” And we agree with that statement 100%.

Our evaluation

Research is one of the most complicated processes to learn about when you are attempting to understand UX for the first time. Joe simplifies the learning curve, and soon you will be able to pinpoint exactly what a customer needs and the bottlenecks that can impede the progress of a given project. You will learn the various elements of what UX is and be able to create the necessary documentation to set up the scope of the project that you’re hoping to implement for your customer. This then the functional specification document that you will present to your client and they will sign off on allowing the project to go ahead to a satisfactory conclusion.

You will receive 11 hours of video training that gives you all the skills you require to make you a UX/UI expert in your right in a short span of time.

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