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WordPress 4.5 changes


Today’s article gears mainly for the WordPress developers out there, and if you are a casual user of WordPress, the information here is a bit technical, and you might have trouble following along. But, you are welcome to do so if you like.

All of you are probably aware that the WordPress developers have released version 4.5 of WP. There are 317 bug fixes and dozens of new hooks. They also made the features as plugin-first. So, if you are a developer, you need to check out the new features before starting any new WordPress projects as they have a direct bearing on your finished product. Changes are almost everywhere, and you need to be aware of them for developing of future projects, things such as:

    • The ability for users to make a custom logo, users are now able to determine a logo’s width, height, and to declare if these features should be flexible. (e.g. – responsive)To make use of this feature you can add this piece of code to a theme to enable support for a customized logo:
function theme_prefix_setup() {
add_theme_support( 'custom-logo' );
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'theme_prefix_setup' );
  • Filters around the site are now part of the “multisite” and “WP-Site” objects.
  • External CSS and JS libraries such as “Backbone”, “Underscore” and “JQuery” got an overhaul too, make sure to test them with an unminified version of your files. Please notice that the script loader does not create the min.css,wp_add_inline_script() anymore.
  • Live preview got some significant changes such as the fact; live changes appear visible during editing without needing to reload. Also, live preview is now possible on deferent devices so you can see how the site looks on mobiles and tablets as well.
  • Image performance had a makeover as well. Images compress better than they used to, and their meta-data is handled more efficiently now than ever before.
  • The comment component is now easier to moderate, and the biggest change notable is the ability to control the length of the field.

There are also plethoras of other changes as well. Stay tuned to our site, and we will highlight them for you in future articles here. We will help you get more out of the new WP 4.5 let you create exciting new websites.

Featured image credit: “Vienna WordPress Meetup” by Heisenberg Media, license under CC BY 2.0


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