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WordPress development courses


Developing with WordPress is much easier than writing everything from scratch. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) written in PHP. As a CMS, it allows the web developer to create a website in literally seconds. If a developer chooses, they can use it instead of creating a website from the beginning.

They can also save time by doing so. That’s because WordPress is an open source CMS platform. A fledgling web developer can look at the code created by the CMS and then modify it as well as learn how it works. You then have complete control of how your website looks and feels.

For you to become a WordPress developer, it is only necessary to know your way around the WordPress system. However, to create websites professionally and to earn the title of being a “Real Web Developer.”

We recommended that you get a fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP technologies. By knowing these languages will allow you to become a web developer in fact, as you will be able to modify the source code and that lets you have better control over a WordPress website’s appearance and its functionality.

If you want to start picking up these programming skills today, here is a review about three online courses that you can take, which will make you and awesome WordPress developer

  1. WordPress for Beginners – full review
  2. WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap – full review
  3. Ultimate WordPress Plug-in Course – full review

Final words…

If you are a beginner learning about web development and want to start creating websites immediately without learning how to write code. We recommend that you learn the first course in listed in the review, entitled, “WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly”.

If you are interested in developing websites for clients and you wish to customize the things differently for each. It would be a good idea to enroll our second course, which we call, “WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap”.

If you want to learn how to add functions that are not available with the WordPress CMS with the website you create, you can take the last course entitled, “Ultimate WordPress Plug-in Course”.

Special note: It would be a good idea to have HTML, CSS, and PHP experience before taking the second or third courses. A beginner with no prior HTML, CSS, and PHP experience, should Click here to learn how you can develop these skills with using these languages.

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