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WordPress for Beginners


Here is a course that’s great for beginners with no coding experience it takes you through the word press system and helps you in setting it up I live server. So, you can start work on your new website. This course will reveal all the knowledge a beginner needs to use the system, including how to use posts, Pages, themes, plug-ins, and navigation. You will be able to design everything yourself and even add protection to your website. This course, however, does not delve into the modification of source code, which makes it the perfect course for non-programmers and people who want to start up a blog of their own that have no prior experience in doing so.

Course overview

  • 9 hours of video
  • 78 lectures
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
  • Certificate of completion


Price range: 20$ – 195$

Today’s price

About the instructor

Andrew Williams

Andrew is a successful WordPress site designer and builder. He is also an SEO expert. He teaches his students the secrets of creating WordPress websites without writing any code. They also learn how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Besides being a website designer and developer is also a writer who has published some well-known books that you can find up on Amazon.com. These books go into detail on the use and development of WordPress websites. Being a former schoolteacher, he has the knack for getting the information across without complicating things, and he loves to teach which makes him the perfect instructor to help you create your WordPress server.

Target audience

If you want to create a WordPress website for Blogging or an online portfolio of your products and services, this is the course for you. Web programmers who want to get more out of the use of WordPress as well as designers who want a website of their own without having to hire or outsourcing the work.

What the students say

His students not only respect him but love the way in which he conveys information to them in a logical manner.

They say that he is a great teacher and they like the fact that he is updating this course on a regular basis and they return to it, again and again, to pick up new information along with tricks and tips of the trade.

The students also say this is the perfect course for the beginner and those who are professional web developers who take the course, say, “They are truly happy that they enrolled, as they learn things about WordPress, that they never knew before.

Some of their comments have superlatives like “Perfect for beginners!”, “Clear instructions and delivery,” and you will learn so much more than you think you will.”

Our evaluation of the course

WordPress is the quickest way to getting a website up and running DIY without having to pay a programmer to do the work for you.

You will learn the Ins and Outs of a WordPress server creation in a comfortable and laid-back manner. That makes you the master of WordPress server creation along with Tips and tricks that help you do it in an easy and a step by step manner that works and gets you start onto the road to website mastery in just a short time.

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